Giant Marrow Competition

1st. Phil Goldsborough 90.04lbs (41.0kgs)

2nd Paul Stoker 60.2lbs (27.3kgs)

3rd Adrian Read 58.6lbs (26.6kgs)

4th Paul Braithwaite 52.6lbs (23.85kgs)

5th Alan Oliver 47.6lbs (21.55kgs)

6th Helen Wright 46.4 lbs (21.05kgs)

7th Chris Ridley 39.3lbs (17.8kgs)

The following were guests not eligible for prizemoney or awards because they had not attended NVS DA meeting 3 times throughout the season.

Paul Trewhitt 54.7lbs (24.85)

Peter and Ann 43.4lbs (19.7kgs)