Potato Weigh-in competition held on the 31st August 2016 - potato grown was 'Alouette' a red blight resistant potato.

1. Tony McGarry 14lb 1.7oz (6.4kgs)

2. Kevin Trischler 13lb 6.6oz (6.08kgs)

3. Denis Yeats 11lb 13.8oz (5.4kgs)

4. Adrian Read 8lb 12.9oz (4.0kgs)

5. Ian Clarkson 7lb 6.8oz (3.36kgs)

6. Deryk Forrest 6lb 12.5oz (3.07kgs)

7. Graham Cartwright 6lb 2.2oz (2.8kgs)

8. Ray Orme 5lb 12.9oz (2.63kgs)

9. Alan Oliver 5lb 5.3oz (2.42kgs)

10. Tony Martin 5lb 4.9oz (2.40kgs)

11. John Stockham 4lb 0.8oz (1.84kgs)

12. Eileen Johnson 2lb 10.4oz (1.2kgs)

13. Fred Williams 2lb 9.7oz (1.18kgs)

14. Dave Gethin 2lb 6oz (1.077kgs)

15. Helen Wright 1lb 8.6oz (0.69kgs)

16. Geoff Wilson 1lb 0.3oz (0.46kgs)

17. Josh Snaith 0lb 14.5oz (0.41kgs)

18. Angela Graham 0lb 4.8oz (0.136kgs)

19. Stan Graham 0lb 3.7oz (0.105kgs)

Total weight of Potatoes in lbs = 100.65 in Kgs = 45.65

The Winner: Tony McGarry Quality Award: Adrian Read

North Yorkshire and South Durham District Association - MINI SHOW
WEDNESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER 2016 -  HELD AT THE Cleveland Bay Eaglescliffe
Class 1 Onions <500g:         One dish of 3 onions dressed. 1st Phil Goldsborough; 
Class 2 Carrots:             One dish of 3 stump rooted - 1st Deryck Forrest;   2nd Graham Cartwright ;
Class 3 Cabbage:         One dish of one, any variety - No entries
Class 4 Potatoes:          One dish of four any one variety -  1st  Phil Goldsborough
Class 5 Tomatoes:        One dish of Six  -   1st Adrian Read  ;   2nd   ; Ray Orme  3rd  Deryck Forrest
Class 6 Beetroot:          One dish of Three -  1st  Phil Goldsborough ;   2nd   Adrian Read  ;   

Class 7  One Flower and one Vegetable:  -   1st   Vic Thomas  ;   2nd Phil Goldsborough  ;   3rd  Charlie Metcalf
Class 8:    Any Other Vegetable -   1st  Phil Goldsborough  ;   2nd  Charlie Metcalf  ;  3rd  Deryck Forrest
Class 9:    Cherry Tomatoes 1st  Alan Oliver ;  2nd  Adrian Read  ;    3rd   Ray Orme

Class 10 I trug Vegetables (For effect) 1st Kevin Tritschler ; 2nd  Tony McGarry  ; 3rd  Adrian

Giant Marrow Competition 2016

1. Josh Snaith 97.6lbs (44.27kgs)

2. Geoff Wilson 79lbs (35.8kgs)

3. Helen Wright 72lbs (32.65kgs)

4. Jack Campbell 66.4lbs (30.11kgs)

5. Graeme Cartwright 64.2lbs (29.12kgs)

6. Ray Orme 58.6lbs (26.58kgs)

7. Bill Barker 51.6lbs (23.4kgs)

8. Adrian Read 48lbs (22.04kgs)

9. Chris Ridley 40.8lbs (18.5kgs)

10. Alan Oliver 39.2lbs (17.78kgs)

11. Tony McGarry 38lbs (17.23kgs)

12. Phil Goldsbrough 25.2lbs (11.43kgs)

Josh Snaith - No.2 Marrow 74.2lbs (33.65kgs)