North Yorkshire and South Durham District Association



  AT THE Cleveland Bay Eaglescliffe

Class 1: Onions:   One dish of 3 onions dressed. Each onion not to exceed 500g

Class 2: Carrots:           One dish of 3 stump rooted - tops to be trimmed to 76mm

Class 3: Cabbage:       One dish of one, any variety - Minimum 76mm stalk

Class 4: Potatoes: One dish of four any one variety 

Class 5: Tomatoes:       One dish of Six 

Class 6: Beetroot:          One dish of Three - tops trimmed to 76mm

Class 7:   Cherry tomatoes One dish of Nine

Class 8:    Any Other Vegetable not in schedule

Class 9:   One flower and one vegetable (Any variety).

Class 10: Trug of vegetables displayed for effect. (Trug supplied).


1. All exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor and the cultivar named.

2. Judging will be to the NVS Judges guide

3. Onions to be tied with natural raffia only

4. Entry restricted to one person per class

5. Entry fee is 50p per person.