North Yorkshire and South Durham District Association
monthly meetings 2018


31st January   Short presentation followed by the Annual General Meeting
A review of the the DA's progress during 2017, it's financial position, and an opportunity to ensure the DA continues to 
move in the direction that the membership wishes. Also elect/re-elect officers for 
2018 season.
Nominations for committee positions, preferably with proposer and seconder should be forwarded to 
the DA Secretary prior to the meeting 

28th February Adrian Read - From A to Zee and back to G
Adrian will give a talk on the broad theme of Gardening.

28th March The Potato Challenge 

A potato and grow sack will be given out at the meeting to grow on for August meeting where the 
contents will be weighed. Also Giant Marrow seeds will be handed out for October competition.
Following this there will be a question and answer session.

25th April Andrew Robinson - Dahlias and how they are judged
    Dahlias are one of the longest blooming plants to grace our gardens and can flower right through the Summer                until the first frosts of Winter. Andrew is one of the areas top exhibitors whos horticultural hobby is all to do 
    with perfection on the show bench

30th  May Jim Robinson - Shallots and other bits and bobs.
Jim probably does not need a lot of introduction, his success with shallots at many of the NVS Nationals is well
known, but what you may not know is Jim is also successful with other veg

27th June Allyson Peace - Preparations for a successful Chelsea
Allyson is the wife of John Peace and both have been involved in the preparation of the National Chrysanthemum
display at Chelsea for the past few years. Allyson will give us a look behind the scenes.

25th July Malcolm Read - Sweet peas, Gladioli etc.,
Malcolm is the bother of 'Our Adrian' and has been successful at growing all of the above. This talk will be right in
the middle of the growing season Malcolm will hopefully give a practical how to get the best from your display.
29th August The Potato Challenge weigh-in night - followed by Question and answer session

The weigh-in of the potato plants given out in March. Tops are to be removed but otherwise the 
grow sack should be brought to the meeting undisturbed.  Following the weigh-in there will be a short 

26th September DA mini show

31st October Giant Marrow competition - Weigh in

28th November Quiz Night
Our traditional end of season gardening quiz, a fun, entertaining and subtle way to learn

December No meeting

There are no upcoming calendar entries at present