Sherie Plumbs Potato Growing mix

Scott’s Shamrock medium Sphagnum Moss Peat 290 litre bales – put through a shredder, previously used a 1/4” sieve
by hand, but have found the shredder works just as well – and is quicker!
Mix: (sufficient for 3 potatoes)

4 x 3 ½ gallon buckets of peat
12oz Chempak Calcified Seaweed
16oz Vitax Q4

This is mixed together in an electric Cement Mixer, a gallon of water is added during mixing.

Once mixed, the ‘mixture’ is left in peat bags in the garage for approximately a month, or until needed

1st week in April – mixture put into bags, we use ‘polypots’ available from LBS, Code No: Z-POT-18. One potato is put into
each bag about 1/3 of the way up.

Bags are then stood on the lawn and well watered.

A shallow trench is dug in the garden approximately 4” deep and 12” wide, Potato fertiliser is sprinkled in the bottom of the
trench and lightly forked in. The slug pellets are sprinkled in the trench.

Bags containing potatoes are then sat in the trench approximately 2” apart – loose soil is then banked up around
the bags about half way up.

Next trench is taken out about 14-15” away from the previous row and this continues for all the potatoes.

All potatoes are then well watered again once in situ.

(The only exception to the above mix is Winston. For Winston, use 12oz Vitax Q4 and 11oz Chempak Calcified Seaweed.)