The North Yorkshire and South Durham District Association

The North Yorkshire and South Durham District Association (NYASDDA) is one of the regional groups of the National Vegetable Society which was formed in 1961 encourage the growing of quality vegetables.
The NYASDDA are a group of gardeners who have a passion for growing quality vegetables. Some of our members grow vegetables for the kitchen whilst others grow to exhibit their produce at shows.  Our monthly meetings are primarily held to support local members of the NVS and promote good quality growing, but are open to anyone who has an interest in gardening and wishes to attend our meetings or talks.

Attendance at our meetings gives you an opportunity to meet and discuss your issues with enthusiastic growers, who understand the problems of growing vegetables, and if you fancy showing flowers or vegetables at a local show, coming to our meetings will provide you an opportunity to learn from those who already exhibit at Local, Regional or National shows.

Whether you are new to vegetable gardening or are an 'old hand' you can be assured of a friendly welcome from our existing members who can offer a wealth of help and advice on all matters related to growing and showing vegetables, flowers or fruit.

Our meetings are held monthly at The Cleveland Bay Public House, 718, Yarm Road, Eaglescliffe, TS16 0JE  at 19:30hrs on the last Wednesday in every month (except December). We usually hold a small raffle to generate funds for the District Association.

For a full list of the objects of the National Vegetable Society go to (this can be reached by right clicking on the link to open this website in a new window).